Unique quality

Plate-sized lobster

Plate-size lobsters (20 cm – 250-300 g) is a brand new product in the seafood market. It’s smaller than the minimum legal size for wild catch and is therefore a unique product. Plate-size lobster is unmature and thus inhabits unique meat quality enjoyed by both culinary chefs and cutomers at high-end and Michelin star restaurants custromers. We currently holds the largest brood-stock facility in Europe.


Historically, during the 19th century, lobster was considered as food for the poor and often referred to as «sea rat». However, during the 20th century there was a substantial increase in the lobster fisheries along the Norwegian coast. Unfortunately, Governmental regulations were not sustainable and resulted in a collapse of the wild stock. The last fifty years the lobster has been threatened by extinction in Norway.

Norwegian Lobster Farm