Global scaleability

Data centres

  • Scale-up in cooperation with data centres world-wide
  • Grow to plate size in 18-24 months from egg (20 cm and 250 – 300 g) 
  • Flow-through technology, reducing CAPEX, OPEX and technical-biological risk factors
  • Control over water quality and flow to individual compartments
  • Environmentally and sustainable production
  • High bio-security – biomass separation down to 100 lobsters at any sized industrial farm

Automated production

  • Grading of pelagic stage juveniles through CVS
  • Accurate feeding to single lobsters
  • Live monitoring and individual tracking
  • Image processing, AI and robotics
  • Monitoring survival, growth and harvest time
  • Guarrantied 100% meat filling at harvest


Our business model is flexible in terms of biomass volume, location and degree of seawater recirculation. It includes specially engineered cages, robotics, automation and computer vision systems. Each single lobster is provided with an individual water supply, individuial feeding- and welfare monitoring and trace.

Proven technology

Norwegian Lobster Farm AS has demonstrated and validated a unique technological concept for land-based farming of lobster juveniles and plate-sized lobster. Since the concept is land-based, problems such as escapees, contamination and negative influences from the surrounding environment are avoided. 

A unique farming concept

  • Land-based controlled environment
  • Flow-through using waste heat from data centres or Recirculation of seawater
  • Stable 20°C water tempereature
  • Pelleted feed from hatching
  • Advanced robotics, computer vision and automation
Norwegian Lobster Farm