Cracking the lobster farming code!

Recirculation of seawater (RAS)

  • Heated water (20oC) secures high growth rate
  • 24 months from egg to harvest (250 g) 
  • 95% reuse of sea water resources (RAS technology) or use of heated waste water
  • Full water quality monitoring & control
  • Water flow monitoring & control for compartments
  • Environmentally and sustainable production
  • Control of biological risks – ie. diseases

Automation & robotics

  • Automated and accurate feeding of single lobster
  • Live monitoring and individual tracking
  • Image processing
  • Automation and robotics
  • Monitoring survival, growth and harvest time
  • Shell change monitoring
  • Welfare control & monitoring

Special cages for each phase

The production time for plate sized lobsters is 24 months from egg to harvest size. European lobsters require individual compartments throughout the life cycle due to cannibalism. Norwegian Lobster Farm has developed and designed a farming system and feed formula specially adapted to European lobster.

Technology – from 2D to 3D

Norwegian Lobster Farm AS has developed a unique technological concept for land-based farming of lobster juveniles and plate-sized lobster. Each single lobster is provided with an individual water supply and outlet with individuial feeding control and welfare monitoring. In addition, every individual lobster is tracked through the entire production cycle. Since the concept is land-based, problems such as escapees, contamination and negative influences from the surrounding environment are avoided. Norwegian Lobster Farm is now ready for scale-up of a new marine industry along the Norwegian coast.

Feed development

In land-based Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS), it is important to reduce feed waste and maintain optimal environment.

Norwegian Lobster Farm has developed a formulated feed especially engineered for European lobsters and was the first producer to grow plate sized lobsters solely on a formulated diet including the larval stages. The feed is efficiently utilized by the lobsters at efficient feed conversion ratios.

Norwegian Lobster Farm