Research and development

Norwegian Lobster Farm has removed bottlenecks in small scale

The company has developed biomass according to the know-how at several different stages. This makes it possible to establish module based production units in Norway and close to hig-end and emerging markets. The value chain has been documented (egg to plate) in over 60 reports, articles, proceedings  and scientific presentations through the last 13 years.

The business concept has been developed by conducting a long-term strategic R&D work based on value-chain holistic approach.


Norwegian Lobster Farm has developed and pateted a sustainable farming technology for cannibalistic crustaceans

The ideal system for rearing lobsters individually should be relatively inexpensive to construct and operate, simple to maintain, and based on automatic feeding and self-cleaning of tanks and cages. It would also need to maintain ideal water quality conditions, enable high densities, conserve water at high temperatures, ensure good survival, and permit easy access to the livestock for inspection and feeding. Norwegian Lobster Farm`s  new farming technology incorporates all necessary prerequisites for successful and profitable culture of plate sized lobsters. This technology lifts the crustacean industry from 2D to 3D by effectively utilising all three dimensions in the water column.


Automised production

Norwegian Lobster Farm has developed robots for grading of juveniles, feeding, stocking in cages and remote desktop solution in order to fully automise production.

Feed development

In land-based Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS), it is important to reduce feed waste and maintain optimal environment

Norwegian Lobster Farm has developed a formulated feed especially engineered for European lobsters, and was the first producer to raise plate sized lobsters solely on a formulated diet including the larval stages. The feed is efficently utilised by the lobsters at feed conversion ratios between 1.2 – 1.34 in smei-commercial scale.

Norwegian Lobster Farm